About us

Project Dream is the top pre-EOC RuneScape Private Server! We have a busy and friendly community, with thousands of players who also use our active forums for trading and support.

We have over 30 minigames and bosses for you to enjoy, as well as full dungeoneering and construction!

Our experienced development team have been working together on RuneScape private servers for almost a decade, so there are frequent high-quality updates and features that are unique to Project Dream. register now and get playing in seconds!


Updates 24th January 2019

Construction Shop A construction shop has been added to help you train! No longer will you have to create planks yourself. In order to encourage plank-making however, the builder will buy planks off you for the same as his selling price - ... read more

2 years ago by John

Updates 11th January 2019

We've made some improvements to the recently released PK bots.   All bots in dangerous areas will now have armour. Prayer switching speed has been increased. Fixed bug where bots might follow you after having killed you. ... read more

2 years ago by John

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