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  • Vitrex has killed General Graardor.
    30 seconds ago
  • Rusterg has received a the glory of general graardor as a rare drop.
    1 minute ago
  • Rusterg has killed General Graardor.
    1 minute ago
  • Rusterg has killed General Graardor.
    4 minutes ago
  • Timmy has killed Nex.
    7 minutes ago
  • Clutch has received a bandos chestplate as a rare drop.
    7 minutes ago

Project Dream is a free-to-play medieval MMORPG that's based on an early revision of RuneScape! We have a busy and friendly community, with many players who use our active forums for help and trading. Our experienced staff and development team have been working together on RuneScape private servers for about half a decade, so there are often new updates and features that are unique to Project Dream. Register now and get playing in seconds!

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